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mennofolk:::::a celebration of contemporary Mennonite faith and culture through acoustic music and song

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Jeff Raught
Jeff Raught

Imagine hearing stories of life and scripture in a new way. What if it was hard to tell them apart? Is your story woven in and around more than you imagined? Jeff comes as an actor, composer, pianist, and theatrical storyteller. Bringing humor and light to the many ways all of our stories connect.

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Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.
Various ensembles over thirty-ish years.

I play bass guitar (currently a five string "MTD").

I've played in churches (I'm part of a folk group in a Catholic church at present), pubs - nasty and nice, concerts, coffee houses and assorted other environments.

I've played in duos, full bands (three, four, five piece) and other configurations. I've had the good fortune to be part of a number of recording sessions as well.

I play by ear and use chord charts frequently. I am learning to "read" but am at a beginner level in that regard.

There are very few types of music that I don't like. I've played rock, country, gospel, reggae, folk and even some classical at a semi-serious to pretty serious level.

I'm a sucker for a great melody, a cool riff or a worthwhile lyric. If all three elements converge in a song great; I will, however, settle for one or two of them. :-)

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A little bit about Mennofolk

Mennofolk art

Welcome to Mennofolk, a site to explore folk art and music created by people from Mennonite backgrounds. Mennofolk is not just for Mennonites, but it is from Mennonites, a gallery of delightful sounds and sights to be offered to the world, which come out of our collective experience of faith, music, and Anabaptist values. (for more information on Anabaptists go to third way cafe)

Mennofolk does not try to limit the themes of the songwriters it embraces, and it includes all acoustic genres and instruments, as well as visual folk arts and crafts.

There have been Mennofolk locations across North America, each with a slightly different focus and form.

Recently a Mennofolk stage has been planned at the Mennonite Church USA Convention in Kansas City, June 28 - July 4, 2015.

You can browse through a scrapbook of Mennofolks past with the links below:

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Mennofolk Town Hall Concert Series

IMPORTANT: Performers listed in the performers section may appear at various Mennofolk festivals across the country. Please check the individual festival pages for listings of who will be performing at each location.

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